API Docs

We have created a simple REST API. It is designed to be simple, predictable and light-weight. All output is returned in JSON.

API Enpoint


URL Resource Summary

  • /campaigns/
  • /campaigns/{campaign_id}/rankings/
  • /users/
  • /users/{user_id}/grantLogin
  • /users/{user_id}/campaigns/
  • /users/{user_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/
  • /users/{user_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/rankings/
  • /users/{user_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/backlinks/
  • /resellee/
  • /resellee/{resellee_id}/grantLogin
  • /resellee/{resellee_id}/campaigns/
  • /resellee/{resellee_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/
  • /resellee/{resellee_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/rankings/
  • /resellee/{resellee_id}/campaigns/{campaign_id}/backlinks/


All authentication is handled using basic HTTP auth. Provide your API key as your basic auth username; a password is not necessary.


curl --request GET https://api.myseotool.com/v2/campaigns/ \
-u {api_key}:


We use traditional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.


Code Description
200 everything went as expected
403 you've supplied an invalid API key
404 you've tried to access a URL resource that doesn't exist
500 something went wrong on our side
   "error_msg":" You must supply an API key."